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The suitable trailer for garden, home and handcraft

Hobby gardeners and do-it-yourselfers almost always have something to transport. Whether it is wood, green cuttings or construction material - with a car trailer even bigger loads can be easily transported. But which trailer is the right one? We gladly help you with this decision and give you useful tips what to consider before the purchase.

Tip 1: Consider for which purpose you will use the trailer. Before the purchase, whether it is a new or second-hand trailer, ask yourself the question what exactly you will use it for. Are you looking for an all-rounder or do you often transport load which needs to be dumped? Do you maybe go on bike or motorcycle trips on a regular basis, but also need a transport solution for your garden works?

Tip 2: Check your driver's licence. What trailer you are allowed to tow with your car depends on your licence. In Germany, for a trailer up to 750 kg (e.g. a small box trailer) the regular car driver's licence is enough. As long as car and trailer do not exceed the permissible total weight of 3.5 t, the trailer can be even heavier. If you would like to transport a trailer with more than 750 kg or if the car and trailer have a total weight of 3.5 to 4.25 t, you need a special driver's licence. Trailers with a total weight of up to 3.5 t require yet another licence class. Of course this varies from country to country. Please check the official regulations of your authorities to see the respective licence requirements.

Tip 3: Check your vehicle registration documents
What trailer can your car tow? Your registration documents tell you about the maximum permissible towing capacity. Note: As soon as the empty weight of the trailer is higher than the permissible towing capacity of the car, you may not tow the trailer with your car anymore (Empty weight = Total weight of the trailer minus maximum payload of the trailer). Consider how heavy the load may be in order not to exceed the towing capacity of your car. You can find an example for the calculation and further tips for driving with a trailer in our Trailer Blog.

As soon as the basic questions are settled, the search for the right trailer continues. We present to you the three most popular trailers amongst hobby gardeners and do-it-yourselfers:

Box trailers: The all-rounder for home and garden
Ideal for: Green cuttings, construction material, fruit harvest, hobby and spare time
Weight (depending on model): starting at 750 kg

If you regularly transport bulk material such as wood, paving stones or green cuttings, a box trailer by UNSINN will be the right choice for you. A trailer with 750 kg can also be towed by most cars and thus is ideal for the daily use. The aluminium frame is light and still particularly stable, the loading area is anti-slip and waterproof. The load can be lashed with ropes and lashes at the lateral lashing eyes. Practical equipment such as a tarpulin, a light cargo superstructure or a trailer net additionally ensure that shredded materials and green cuttings do not fall off the trailer during the drive. Another benefit: The trailer is also useful for camping, bike or motorcycle trips. A lockable aluminium top including crossbeams for the transport of bikes or motorcycle access rails are available upon request.

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Drop-type trailers: Easy loading and unloading
Ideal for: Machines, motorcycles, bikes, with equipment also suitbale for house and garden works
Weight (depending on model): starting at 750 kg

Due to their low ramp angle drop-type trailers by UNSINN are ideal for the transport of motorcycles, bikes, scooters and machines. But also hobby gardeners and do-it-yourselfers can use them: Suitable side walls, a cargo superstructure with a rear flap or a ratch for load securing turn the classic vehicle transporter into a useful aid for home and garden works. On the anti-slip and waterproof loading area garden waste, firewood or tools can be easily transported.

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Dumpers: Made for professional use
Ideal for: Bulk material (soil, bark mulch, gravel, sand etc.), building machines and vehicles (mini excavators, lawn mowers etc.)
Weight (depending on model): starting at 1,350 kg

A rear dumper by UNSINN meets all the requirements of daily manual life - perfect for all gardening friends and hobby farmers who regularly transport bulk material and heavy cargo. With the integrated Pumpless hydraulic pump the trailer can be easily tilted into the desired position while the load smoothly slides off the steel floor of the loading area. For ideal load securing there are sunken lashing eyes.
Optionally, the dumper can be equipped with raised side walls, a tarpaulin, a light-cargo or grid side wall extension, aluminium access rails and many more. An ergonomically shaped manoeuvring handle helps you push the trailer by hand.

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Looking for the right trailer? UNSINN product advisors are happy to help. All information on the entire product range under