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Sales trailers - for the perfect appearance at the market

No market or outdoor event can do without a sales trailer. The appealing presentation of goods and the individual design of the market stall is easy with a sales trailer. Whether it is used at festivals, the weekly market, a company event or for mobile sales on site: a market trailer can be used flexibly by all sectors and is incredibly practical.

You can get a sales trailer according to your wishes at UNSINN - the specialist for special trailer constructions. No matter if you need special equipment, special exhibition displays or a fold-out terrace: UNSINN makes it possible!

Market trailers for every use in sales

In a sales trailer, everything you need to satisfy your customers is on board. The mobile sales trailer can be easily and quickly set up wherever you want to open your sales. A few simple steps are all it takes to present your display in an eye-catching way. Depending on the model, all you need to do is open the sales flap. All trailers are equipped with energy-saving interior lighting.

Transform your market trailer into a visual highlight and use the large trailer surface for your advertising by giving the sales trailer a great design on the outside as well with the labelling service from UNSINN!

Sales trailers for a grand appearance at the market

Since time immemorial, the market, whether it's a weekly market, a city market or on market day, has been a popular shopping destination. Fresh products, a beautiful display and friendly advice add to the flair of a market. With a market trailer, you are optimally equipped to sell your goods.

With UNSINN you have almost unlimited possibilities to design your market trailer:

  • with an individual display system and goods displays according to your needs
  • with counter inside or outside
  • with an awning that can be used as an additional sales area
  • with lighting
  • with glass display case in the sales trailer for presenting the goods

No matter what you want for your mobile market stall: UNSINN will implement it with you.

Sales trailer as a food truck

At festivals, Christmas markets or in front of larger companies, it's hard to imagine life without them: sales trailers with a snack bar. Here people can buy small snacks or treats. It doesn't matter whether it's a bakery truck, a chicken barbecue, a street food stand or an ice cream parlour: With a sales trailer as a snack truck, you are the number one contact point for hungry guests.

So that your customers find you right away, you can implement an interesting and chic design with UNSINN. This makes your snack trailer an eye-catcher! Other equipment is also possible:

  • sales trailer with refrigerated counter
  • with terrace or stairs, which can be set up in front of the sales trailer snack bar
  • with flags, awnings and banners
  • with chairs and tables if desired

Of course, a snack bar cannot do without various equipment elements, which we will be happy to install for you on request:

  • refrigerator
  • grill
  • work surfaces
  • dispensing system
  • well thought-out cupboard system for storing your utensils

Sales trailer as a mobile shopping experience

Would you like to promote and sell your products at a festival? With a sales trailer, you'll have your shop set up in no time and ready to go. No matter if it is with a walk-in presentation area inside or with an open or glazed display to the outside: The sales trailers catch the eye and make people want to shop. Shelving systems, hooks and display cabinets support you in the visually appealing display of your goods.

You can also make your sales trailer more eye-catching with flags, banners or even TV screens. All the equipment can be stowed in the trailer to save space.


Stable basic equipment: Buy sales trailers at UNSINN

You decide which sales trailer suits the needs of your business. The specialists at UNSINN take care of the basics. To ensure that you enjoy your sales trailer for a long time and can always rely on being able to come up with your goods wherever you are, we rely on a stable basic construction. All sales trailers are equipped with:

  • automatic reverse and parking brake
  • soft suspension for greater driving comfort
  • stable V-drawbar
  • automatic coupling
  • hot-dip galvanised chassis with one or two axles
  • extendable support wheel
  • marker lights for more safety
  • rubber spring axles and independent wheel suspension
  • sturdy box body with corner frame
  • closed special screen-print floor made of robust and waterproof material
  • power connections and interior lighting
  • on request: water connections

What do you expect from your sales trailer? Let us know and we will take care of implementing your wishes!


Customised sales trailers from UNSINN

You would like to buy a sales trailer and would like some advice? Contact us and we will discuss with you the perfect equipment for your market trailer. Whether it is with advertising banners, steps, special electronic equipment or a customised display system - your sales trailer will be designed according to your requirements. This is how you ensure an eye-catching and appealing appearance at every market or event!