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Fire brigade trailers: ready for any operation

As part of the firefighting equipment, the fire brigade trailer is indispensable. In addition to the TSF, the portable fire engine, the TSA fire engine trailer is also loaded with firefighting equipment and a portable fire engine. Especially for fire brigade units in smaller communities, the fire brigade trailer is a good addition to the fire engine. The single-axle fire brigade trailer from UNSINN is designed as a mobile unit for fire brigades and other rescue facilities.

Versatile areas of use: the TSA fire brigade trailer

In case of an outdoor fire-fighting operation, the fire brigade's TSA is quickly stationed and ready for action. Water delivery is easy with this trailer on any terrain. The fire brigade trailer is also a practical vehicle for use in the event of severe weather conditions such as floods or storms. All important equipment components are contained in the trailer and can be quickly deployed in the event of a disaster.

The TSA fire brigade trailer is also popular for youth fire brigade exercises. Recruits can easily get to know the procedures and technical equipment of the fire brigade, even when the fire engines are in use. In addition, especially for smaller people, taking equipment and tools out of a fire brigade trailer is more comfortable than with large vehicles.


Trailers for fire brigades: stable and robust design

Anyone who wants to buy a fire brigade trailer pays particular attention to the functional characteristics of the trailer. A stable stand is a must so that the portable fire engine trailer can be used optimally during operations. In addition to the support wheel on the trailer, there are four feet. These do not only have an adjustable stand that can be set up safely on any terrain, but also height-adjustable bolts. Thanks to the practical fold-out technology, the stand feet are quickly activated. This allows the firefighting trailer to be positioned safely and stably in no time, even on uneven terrain.

Lightweight materials such as aluminium and composite are used for the chassis. These are not only robust, but also extremely durable. The lightweight construction and the low overall weight make the TSA fire brigade trailer manoeuvrable, even when fully loaded. This allows it to be positioned and used even on wet or rough terrain. The manual parking brakes and the lighting according to German road traffic regulations additionally complete the equipment of the trailer.

The drawbar of the trailer for the fire brigade is equipped with joints and thus height-adjustable. This means that the fire brigade trailer can be easily attached to various emergency vehicles or tractors and driven to the scene of the incident. If desired, you can also get a car hitch in order to be able to work even more flexibly with the fire brigade's TSA.


A TSA for your fire brigade: individually configurable

As standard, the UNSINN fire brigade trailer is equipped with a portable pump attachment, a storage box and push bars in the rear area. The floor of the trailer is covered with a robust aluminium track plate.

You decide on the further equipment of your TSA for the fire brigade. All important equipment and hoses as well as small tools that are to be contained in the vehicle according to DIN regulations find their place:

  • Suction hoses, B-hoses and C-hoses, D-pressure hose
  • Portable fire pump and bucket sprayer
  • Equipment for water extraction, water pumping and water delivery
  • Tools for minor technical assistance

On request, we can equip your fire brigade trailer with various components:

  • an extendable carriage for the portable pump
  • compartments, baskets and holders for hoses
  • additional holders and storage space for tools

LED interior lighting can also be installed on the trailer so that all the necessary tools can be seen at a glance during operations at night. For optimal removal of the tools, UNSINN equips your trailer for the fire brigade with a box attachment that is equipped with roller shutters or folding doors. It can be covered with a tarpaulin, too. You should also get to know our service for trailer labelling: We design the outside of your fire brigade trailer according to your wishes with lettering or printing.


Fire brigade trailers from the manufacturer you trust: UNSINN

Equip your fire brigade with a mobile technical unit that combines flexibility and equipment. UNSINN supports you in building a TSA fire brigade trailer entirely according to your wishes - and completely DIN-compliant. We will be happy to advise you on your new fire brigade trailer. Simply contact us on +49 8276 58900 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to your enquiry!