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Construction site trailer - a tiny house on four wheels

Does your job require you to remain mobile and be able to change locations? Perhaps you are also looking for a converted construction site trailer with all the trimmings for nice hours in nature? No matter what you need your construction site trailer for, what equipment it should have and what size: With UNSINN as your partner, you are optimally advised and provided for!

The special construction specialists at UNSINN, the construction site trailer manufacturer in Bavaria, will take care of your needs and work with you to design a customised construction trailer for living, working, relaxing and feeling good.

Buying a construction site trailer - obviously with UNSINN

When you think of a construction site trailer with a converted interior, you think of campfire romance and happy times together. However, a construction site trailer from UNSINN can do much more. With a converted trailer you can enjoy several benefits. For example, use the construction site trailer as:

  • mobile recreation room, for example on a construction site or during forestry work
  • mobile living unit for professional purposes
  • Tiny house (construction trailer for living)
  • living trailer for holidays

A beautiful construction site trailer promises a cosy ambience for every use. Here you can work or relax with a coffee with your colleagues - in winter even in the warm. If you use the construction site trailer as a Tiny House, you can not only go on holiday with it, but also use it as a permanent residence.

Beautiful construction site trailers: buy new and feel at home

What could be better than getting into a beautiful, new construction site trailer that has been tailored to your exact needs? The basis is a box trailer with a sturdy body in the size of your choice. The interior fittings of a building trailer are completely designed according to your wishes. Do you need a table, a sideboard, a bed or a kitchen? Sockets and water connections in the trailer are also no problem for the specialists at UNSINN.

A stable superstructure for your site trailer

You always want to be able to rely on your construction site trailer. The chassis should be robust and the body solid. This is no problem with trailers from UNSINN. So you don't have to worry, the specialists at UNSINN have already taken care of that for you. The construction site trailer has as standard:

  • automatic reverse and parking brake
  • sturdy V-drawbar with ball coupling or pin coupling, hot-dip galvanised
  • galvanised chassis, usually with two axles (depending on the length of the site trailer)
  • height-adjustable support wheel with automatic mechanism
  • marker lights for more safety
  • rubber spring axles and independent wheel suspension

The solid box body of the trailer is mounted on this stable base. This is equipped, among other things, with a web profile corner enclosure and a robust, closed special screen-printing base made of waterproof material. Further equipment includes:

  • power sockets and ceiling lighting
  • windows on the sides and skylight
  • swing doors
  • stairs to fold in, hot-dip galvanised

You would like to have your construction site trailer in an individual design or in the colours of your company? With UNSINN's labelling service your trailer will shine in the design of your choice!


Construction site trailer as a recreation room and work place

In cold temperatures on the construction site, the construction site trailer provides a cosy warm break in between. Everyone meets here for a coffee and warms their hands over the heating. With an extended construction trailer, you are always flexible. No matter where your next site is: you simply drive there with your trailer and have everything important with you.

The bright and spacious design of the trailer creates a feel-good atmosphere even during short breaks. A trailer with this equipment can of course also be used for forest workers or other occupational groups who work outdoors.

Of course, you can also use the construction site trailer as a mobile workplace. In addition to a recreation room, a desk can easily be integrated into the construction site trailer. Daylight and interior lighting ensure perfect conditions for working at any location. You want a mobile office? UNSINN is also your contact for special office trailers!

You can get this equipment for your construction site trailer:

  • built-in benches with storage space under the seat
  • table
  • electric heating module (other types of heating can also be fitted on request)
  • additional storage space
  • extra storage space in the form of shelves or built-in cupboards possible

By the way: A construction site trailer is also a great choice for communities to set up a cosy little place for the younger generation to gather!


Construction site trailer as a Tiny House

Would you like to simply hitch your house to your car and take it with you on holiday? Or are you often away on a job and like to be on the spot right away? The construction site trailer as a Tiny House gives you all the freedom and possibilities to realise your ideas for mobile living and working. Just as with the construction site trailer, UNSINN relies on a robust construction of the best quality for the Tiny House chassis.

The interior of the living trailer with box body is designed according to your wishes so that you feel particularly comfortable in it. A well thought-out system of beds, seating, storage space and kitchen module makes the trailer a real space miracle. To equip the little house on four wheels, you have the option of getting the following built-in furniture pre-installed by UNSINN:

  • bed or bunk bed
  • wardrobe
  • sitting area with benches and table incl. storage space under the seat
  • sideboards and dressers
  • small kitchenette
  • electric heating or air conditioning
  • additional storage compartments under the box body of the trailer

Especially for assembly workers, a caravan offers many advantages. You are always directly on site and always have your work utensils with you. But the Tiny House trailer can also offer a lot for private use. Whether for holidays or for longer periods of time, simply move the trailer to your desired location and enjoy the time in your little home. At the same time, a Tiny House caravan is cheaper to buy than a mobile home.

Are you looking for a shepherd's caravan or a circus caravan? We will be happy to advise you on these too!


Buy a construction site trailer at UNSINN

Whether it's a site trailer for construction, a site trailer for working or a Tiny-House for many purposes: if you choose a site trailer from UNSINN, you get the whole package. Our know-how and our high standards of quality and functionality as well as our passion for customised special constructions flow into your construction trailer or tiny house project. Feel free to contact us with your enquiry. We will personally advise you comprehensively regarding the implementation and design of your new construction trailer.

Make yourself comfortable - always and everywhere - with your beautiful construction site trailer from UNSINN!