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Mobile ambulance station - first aid always close by

Medical emergencies happen everywhere - at festivals, parties and any other public events. With a perfectly equipped mobile ambulance station, rescue workers and paramedics are always and everywhere well equipped to provide first aid to people in need. A generous room layout not only provides enough space in the ambulance station for treating patients, but also for a recreation room for the emergency personnel.

With an ambulance trailer from UNSINN, medical first aid is ensured and the staff are optimally equipped. With know-how acquired over years and a lot of experience, our specialists implement your desired medical trailer in consultation with you - so that you can provide the best emergency care always and everywhere!

First-aid station - well thought-out interior design for more treatment comfort

The right equipment of a mobile first-aid station is the basis for good emergency treatment. There should be enough space for patients, devices and equipment. At the same time, the comfort of the emergency personnel must not be neglected. That is why the ambulance trailer consists of a patient room and a separate recreation room for the rescue personnel, which are connected by a sliding door.

The equipment of the medical area in the ambulance station

For optimal emergency care, the equipment of the mobile medical station must not only be robust and practical, but also well thought-out. An ambulance offers a lot of storage space that needs to be efficiently used. That's why the interior of the ambulance station is designed in close cooperation with you, so that everything is exactly where you need it. In the heated treatment room, patients can receive medical care according to current hygiene standards. The treatment material can be neatly stored in medicine cabinets and drawers and is thus quickly at hand.

UNSINN's interior fittings include:

  • bright, but not dazzling, energy-saving LED lighting for inside and outside
  • sufficient power sockets
  • a large selection of different built-in cabinets (floor cabinets, wall cabinets)
  • washbasins / sinks
  • upholstered treatment couches to fold up
  • upholstered benches
  • seat benches to be folded up, with and without upholstery
  • 230 volt air conditioning
  • sliding windows with roller blinds
  • rear door with ramp and lighting
  • fly-rails on the floor for attaching stretchers

The installation of a fold-up changing table and curtains for partitioning is also possible on request, as well as installations for the operation of an ECG device and an oxygen supply. Holding systems are installed for rescue equipment such as stretchers, mattresses, spineboards and other equipment. If desired, the first-aid station can be equipped with a self-sufficient water and power supply, which enables independent use in the open field.

Medical trailer with recreation room

Even emergency personnel need a break once in a while, especially on long days of shift work. The recreation room in the first-aid station provides a little relaxation. There is room for about five people, who can rest and relax on benches at a table. A small kitchenette with a refrigerator, microwave and coffee maker in the station provides snacks and coffee, and a wardrobe and built-in cabinets keep things tidy. If desired, a radio workstation can also be set up here.


First-aid station trailers - quality makes the difference

A functioning first-aid trailer does not only consist of top-equipped interiors. Everything around it must also fit. That's why UNSINN's mobile first aid stations are equipped with a quality chassis that can handle a maximum total weight of 3,500 kilograms and remains manoeuvrable even on uneven ground. The basis of the first-aid station trailer is a solid box trailer with a length of four to nine metres and corresponding interior dimensions. Sturdy walls, ceilings and floor displays ensure that the first-aid station will be ready for use for years.

The equipment of the mobile first-aid station includes:

  • hot-dip galvanised commercial axles with reinforced long supports
  • 4-wheel overrun brake
  • single wheel suspension and shock absorption
  • stable support wheel and push supports on the box trailer
  • hot-dip galvanised V-drawbar on which an additional box can be mounted for more storage space
  • box trailer made of robust sandwich polyurethane
  • hinged compartments in the underfloor for storage space and power and water connections

If you wish, we can equip your first-aid station with a luminous roof banner. This makes it easier for people to find the station at events in the dark. The installation of a radio mast is also possible. For the enlargement of your treatment area or in bad weather, an awning can be added to the first-aid station.

Would you like to give your first-aid station trailer an individual design? With UNSINN's special construction labelling customised labelling, imprints and paintwork are possible!


Mobile ambulance stations from your trusted manufacturer: UNSINN

You would like to buy a mobile first-aid station? Our specialists at UNSINN bring a wealth of experience to your first-aid station project. From the planning stage to the implementation of the finished medical trailer, your needs, requirements and wishes are our measure.

Feel free to contact us with your request and we will advise you individually and personally on the implementation and design of your new mobile first-aid station. This way, you will be excellently prepared for your next ambulance service as a rescue and first-aid worker.