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Trailer labelling by UNSINN - Customised car trailers

Let your UNSINN trailer shine in a new design. Labelled trailers attract attention, whether they are being driven or parked at the side of the road. Foil letters, large-format digital prints or powder coatings in your company colours present your advertising professionally and visibly - without you having to rent advertising space.

Make your UNSINN trailer the flagship of your company! Whether you want to label Box Trailers, label Car Transporters, powder-coat open trailers or print tarpaulin trailers: The trailer labellings and prints put your company in the best possible light!

Trailer labellings – Making the most of advertising space

Do you want your new trailer to be more than just a means of transport? Stay in your customers' minds with trailer labelling that positively represents you and your company. Society is mobile - so should your advertising. With a labelled UNSINN trailer, you will attract attention on the road. The fact that you are only allowed to drive at moderate speeds with a car trailer is an advantage. Advertising that is visible from all sides is effective even if the trailer is parked at the side of the road. Therefore, you should make optimal use of the available space on your trailer!

Trailer labelling - your new design for more attention

When it comes to trailer labelling, we focus on individuality and quality. You have a free hand to design your logo and slogan yourself. You decide which information and images should adorn your UNSINN trailer. It doesn't matter whether it's a car trailer with a tarpaulin, a box trailer or a trailer with a fixed body: With UNSINN you have all the options.

Give your fleet a uniform image. You have various options to choose from for your trailer labelling:

  • foil print
  • stencil foil
  • digital print
  • powder-coating

Different methods are recommended for each trailer. You can individualise tarpaulin trailers and box trailers as well as car transporters with foils, stencil foils and paint or a digital print. As a basis for your individual trailer, we powder-coat it in your desired colours and equip trailers with tarpaulins with your desired colours.

Powder-coating for your trailer: Your colours set the scene

Give your trailer a face that matches your company so that people can recognise you from afar. If you wish, we can design your trailer with a powder coating in your company colours.

During this process, electrostatically charged paint powder is applied to the trailer parts with a paint gun. The paint is then baked on at high temperatures. This process achieves various advantages:

  • a uniformly dense coating
  • the coating is resistant and provides corrosion protection
  • with high light and weather resistance
  • shockproof and scratch resistant

The powder-coating for trailers forms the optimal basis for further designing it with foil labelling according to your wishes.

Sticking on trailers - the easy way of labelling

Foils are a quick and easy way to label car trailers. You are completely free in your design. Simply combine text and image elements according to your ideas. Foil labelling is suitable for all trailer surfaces - regardless of whether you want to label a tarpaulin, a metal or a box trailer.

With the special adhesive foils by UNSINN as trailer labelling, your trailers are well equipped. The strong and long-lasting adhesive power of the trailer foils leaves nothing to be desired. Even with trailers that are often cleaned, the labelling is durable for a long time.

Choosing the right foil labelling depends on how flexible you want to be. The qualities range from a durability of one year to about ten years - this also depends on the weather conditions your trailer is exposed to. Wetness and high UV radiation have an effect on the service life of the foil label.

Tarpaulin labelling for trailers: simply achieve more with digital printing

With digital printing, you can apply not only letters and logos, but also entire motifs and scenes as tarpaulin labellings on your trailer. Thanks to their material properties, the robust trailer tarpaulins are UV-resistant and durable, making them the perfect background for your advertising.

In a simple process, we print your desired motif - whether it is a photo, logo or text - on the tarpaulin of your trailer. All you have to do is specify the dimensions and the print image - we take care of everything else for you. When you have a trailer tarpaulin labelled, you can enjoy various benefits:

  • durable and robust materials
  • colourfast printing
  • weatherproof and UV resistant
  • easy to clean

Trailer labelling with foil stencils

You want to rely on real colours for your trailer labelling? Instead of foil labels, you can also apply colour labelling that is perfectly shaped using foil templates. You have all the creative freedom you need in terms of text, size and shape.

The foil stencils for labelling trailers are particularly suitable for trailer tarpaulins and other plastic surfaces. The colours for trailer labelling are designed for a long durability and remain colour-intensive and easily legible for a long time, even when exposed to UV radiation and wet conditions.

Trailer labelling: simple advertising

Would you like to finally label your trailer properly or have your trailer tarpaulin printed? Then UNSINN is the right choice for you. We will not only help you choose the right method for your trailer labelling, but also advise you on design, font and motif. Give your trailer a personal touch with your company's colours and customised labelling that will make you memorable! Contact us under +49 8276 58 900 or fill out our contact form aus. We look forward to receiving your enquiry!