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Climate change, environmental protection or CO2 balance - all of these are current topics that have also been a concern to us at UNSINN Fahrzeugtechnik for years. Therefore, we repeatedly set accents with various measures in order to show consideration for nature on the one hand, but also to meet our own ecological demands on the other.

Zitat Nachhaltigkeit

Expansion of photovoltaic system

Long before the Ukraine war, we were already thinking about how we could effectively counteract this development in view of the constantly rising energy costs. Our solution: We produce electricity for our own needs, and use the surplus to generate and store nitrogen for our laser systems.

The new PV system has a total output of 3,150 kWp - divided between two hall roofs and two transformer stations. Taken as a whole, the power plant produces about 2,680,000 kWh per year. Together with the existing PV system (about 314,000 kWh per year), that's about 3 million kWh per year that we actually generate. That roughly conforms to five times our own needs.


In-house production of nitrogen gas

We use the surplus electricity to produce our nitrogen using a pressure swing adsorption process. This is a physical separation process that isolates individual gases from a gas mixture in order to extract oxygen and nitrogen from the air, for example.

We control the system via our building management system so that we only produce nitrogen when our PV system produces more electricity than we need - in other words, we have to feed electricity into the grid.

We store the excess nitrogen in gas cylinders. Our tank capacity will be sufficient to supply our laser systems with nitrogen for about five working days, regardless of solar radiation. Over the course of the year, we will thus achieve a degree of self-sufficiency for gas of about 95 percent.


Giving back to nature equally: UNSINN compensation surfaces

Another method we take at UNSINN for a more sustainable future is the consistent implementation of compensation areas in close cooperation with the Association Nature Protection. Our growing infrastructure is losing nature. We restore, maintain and care for these lost areas at an other place

In total, UNSINN has created several compensation areas with 47,950 square meters - 305 trees and 1136 wild bushes have already been planted on it.