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Tent trailers - flexible camping holidays with UNSINN

Do you like to enjoy your free time in nature and also spend the night there? With a tent trailer, you combine the flexibility and flair of a tent with the comfort of a camping trailer. At the same time, tent trailers offer a lot of space without taking up much room. If you want the freedom of a camping holiday without a heavy trailer, a tent trailer is just the thing for you.

From UNSINN you get a modern and practical camping trailer with a tent body according to your ideas. Family tent, small tent, with porch, with a lot or less storage space in the trailer - no matter what you want - UNSINN, the specialist for custom-built trailers, will take care of it.

Experience more with the folding caravan

What is the best thing you can make out of a trailer? Quite clearly, a camping trailer with an individual tent structure. Whether it is a folding caravan, where the trailer is completely integrated into the tent, or a box trailer with a roof tent: outdoor trailers offer you authentic camping experiences with family and friends - or all by yourself.

The folding tent trailer scores not only with comfort. The small trailer with a tent is manoeuvrable and light and can thus also be parked off-road on soft ground such as on meadows or in the forest. In contrast to a simple tent, the folding tent trailer here also offers protection from the cold or wet from below. Due to its dimensions, the folding caravan is easy to steer and does not require nearly as much manoeuvring space as a caravan. The lower air resistance compared to a caravan or motorhome also has a positive effect on fuel consumption.

With a practical camping trailer, you can discover even the most remote corners of nature on holiday - that's how space-saving this miracle of space is! But the tent trailer also fulfils all wishes when used at the race track as a material storage and sleeping place.


Folding tent trailers: practical and easy to set up and take down

A folding tent trailer offers you everything you need for a relaxed holiday. With a roof tent on your box trailer, you still have enough storage space underneath for everything you want to take with you. Bicycles, light bikes, luggage, tools, items for cooking and washing - all this doesn't have to take up space in your car, but fits perfectly in the camping trailer.

When setting up the trailer tent to fold out, all it takes is a few handles and your sleeping space is ready. Individual equipment with an awning on the camping trailer or a built-in mattress are no problem when configuring your personal dream trailer. You decide how many people you want to sleep in your tent trailer, what special equipment you need in your camping trailer and what type of body your tent should have. With small tent trailers with a low total weight, you don't even need a trailer driving licence and can enjoy camping pleasures even with small trailers.


Stable and robust: Your trailer for camping and trips

If you want to buy a tent trailer, it is of course not only the tent that plays an important role. The body of the trailer should also be robust to meet all camping requirements.

To ensure that nothing goes wrong on your camping trip with a tent trailer, UNSINN uses robust and lightweight materials and a stable frame construction. The drawbar of the camper trailer is equipped with a jockey wheel. This means you can leave the trailer with the tent and explore the area in your car without having to take down your trailer tent.

The rear door of the trailer can be installed as a folding door that leads to the ground like a ramp when open. This allows you to quickly and safely stow larger items or mopeds inside the trailer. Four extendable parking supports are attached to the side of the trailer, which additionally stabilise the standing of the tent trailer. It is also possible to mount bicycle carriers on the folding tent trailer.

We can lay the floor of the camping trailer with the material of your choice - this depends entirely on your requirements. You also decide on the tyres of the outdoor trailer: Do you need chunky tyres or do you prefer flat tread tyres?  Sturdy mudguards made of chequer plate, which are also designed for climbing on, complement the robust construction of the tent trailer.


Advertise with the tent trailer

Do you have a company that you would like to advertise on your tent trailer? If you travel a lot with your camping trailer and also attend events that are interesting for your business, then let us know. We will print your trailer with labelling according to your wishes that will catch the eye and stay in people’s minds!

Non-advertising imprints with individual labelling and motifs are also no problem. We will be happy to advise you!


Enjoy freedom - buy a camping trailer

Stay flexible and free, whatever you want to discover. With the folding tent trailer from UNSINN, you have all the options. You decide for yourself how you want to design your trailer.

Contact us, we will be happy to advise you on your new tent trailer. You can rely on our know-how, our experience and our high standards of quality and function! With a folding tent trailer from UNSINN, you can hardly wait to get out and about again!