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Office Trailers by UNSINN – Your specialised mobile office

Do you often have to change your place of work and remain mobile, but you want to maintain the comfort of a regular workplace? Discover the practical office trailers from UNSINN for the most diverse requirements! Whether it is for motor sports, as a simple mobile office building block or as an office with an inviting window front: at UNSINN you will find exactly the office trailer you need!

From UNSINN, the specialist for custom-built trailers, you can get your personal office trailer as a custom-built trailer with many individual extension and assembly options. Browse the range now and enquire about your new office trailer!




Office trailers for all occasions

The classic office trailer from the UNSINN range looks like a small office building. Yet it is much more mobile than a container. With an office trailer as a mobile office, you are flexible and can change your location whenever you want or need to. Architects or civil engineers can move to any construction site with an office trailer - in no time at all. The mobile office is also a practical alternative to business premises as a fallback office during a conversion. Many service providers today need to be particularly mobile - with an office trailer, this is no problem. Craft and office are thus always on the road together. The office trailer also offers many opportunities for musicians and artists. The interior can be individually designed. All important utensils can be brought from A to B easily and quickly and are always at hand.

Tiny-Office: more possibilities with lots of storage space

UNSINN's office trailers are more than just a simple workplace. The spacious interior of the rolling office gives you all the freedom you need. Large, high-quality windows with noise insulation around the office trailer provide enough daylight to work and feel comfortable. Thanks to the roller shutters, you can also leave the world outside and concentrate fully on your business. Desk, shelves or chairs - even a kitchenette if desired - can easily find space in the office trailer. The attractive interior fittings of the office trailers are also impressive: Wooden doors, ceiling panelling and beautifully laid-out floors make it feel like home. Nothing in this space reminds you that you are sitting in a mobile office that you could drive away with at any time.

Office trailers from UNSINN leave nothing to be desired

So that you can work and stay in the office trailer as usual, the power supply is already installed. A bright ceiling light and sufficient sockets are part of the standard equipment. Coffee machine and laptop can therefore be connected without any problems. If you wish, an air-conditioning system can also be installed in your office trailer.

A great extra is also the notice board on the roof of the office trolley. Here you can present your company visibly and easily - with a catchy slogan or your name and logo. Contact us, we will also support you with the implementation of your trailer labelling!


Office trailer for motorsport

If you spend a lot of time on the road at motorbike or car races, a mobile office as your headquarters is an important element of your equipment. With an office trailer for your car, you always have your race analysis centre with you. The individual equipment of the office trailer adapts to your needs and offers you enough space and storage inside for all situations. Thanks to the large window front on the side of the Büroanhängers für den motorsport office trailer and the elevated seat, you can keep an overview of the race and the pit stops. So enough light floods the office trailer - also through the additional side window with roller shutter and the roof window. Design your office trailer for motorsport in the colours of your racing team with UNSINN's labelling service.

Mobile office: the storage miracle on the race track

In addition to office space, the office trailer also offers you a spacious storage compartment in the underbody, so you don't have to leave your technology and tools at home. There is room for all the things you need. The practical two-flap system for opening and closing the floor storage compartment ensures that cargo can be loaded easily and is quickly at hand. So you can move from race to race and always have everything important with you.

Great extras for your office trailer for motor racing

To help you keep a cool head on hot race days, the office trailer for motorsport is equipped with air conditioning. It ensures pleasant temperatures inside the office trailer - even in winter, by the way. In addition, the mobile racing office is equipped with power sockets for your devices.


Office trailer with window front

A rolling office can't be inviting? Of course it can! Our modern office trailer with window front offers you a friendly and open workplace that also looks attractive to customers. The window front allows an extremely large amount of daylight to enter the Tiny Office, making it a pleasant and cosy trolley that you can set up anywhere. The side flap of the trailer serves as a practical canopy for the entrance area. When you go home in the evening, you can simply close the flap on the trailer side and your office trailer is secured.

Office trailer: the solution for numerous requirements

The inviting design of the office trailer with window front makes this model a popular rolling office for exhibitors and service providers. Almost any industry is conceivable here. Thanks to the light-flooded design, the office trailer looks like a classic office that your customers can easily enter. You can score additional points with the customised interior design. Do you need a special shelving system or customised seating? Would you like air conditioning or additional sockets? UNSINN will support you in planning and implementing your attractive Tiny Office.

Office trailers with gread add-ons

Your office trailer should not only be practical, but also chic and personalised? With flags, a placement board on the roof and various other details that can be adapted to your company or message, you can optimally promote your cause. The flagpoles and brackets are available from UNSINN. You are also sure to attract attention with the roof stand, which you can design prominently with your company lettering. Discover the possibilities you have with the practical rolling offices from UNSINN!


UNSINN – your specialist for custom-built office trailers

Do you want a mobile office with all the possibilities that a regular office can offer you? Nothing is impossible with UNSINN. We will be happy to advise you personally and in detail on all your wishes regarding your individual office trailer - whatever the purpose. If you have any questions or requests, we are happy to help on +49 8275 58900. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form and we will get back to you. Find the office trailer that suits you perfectly at UNSINN!