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Pumpless Hydraulik

Tippers with the new hydraulic pump "Pumpless"

„Pumpless“ – Tipping with a cordless screwdriver

If you consider the purchase of a trailer with tipping funciton, you will probably have a lot of questions. Besides the size, permissible total weight and number of axes, the kind of pump which tips and lowers the loading area is an important aspect: manual or electrical? We gladly make that decision for you! Starting now all rare tippers as well as three way tippers in the semi-pro-section come with the new standard hydraulic pump "Pumpless". It replaces the former handpump and saves the applicant troublesome pumping by hand.

The application is as easy as it gets: By means of a cordless screwdriver the trailer can be completely or partly tipped within two minutes and thus brought into any position. The pump can be driven by any customary screwdriver. Even heavy loads can thus be easily unloaded.

Looking for the right tipper? Here you can find the model selection!

Further information about Pumpless.