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maximale Anhängelast

The maximum towing capacity describes the maximum weight the towing vehicle can pull.

This is how you calculate the maximum towing capacity

It must be considered that the empty weight and the weight of the load have to be added, however the support weight needs to be subtracted. The support weight acts on the trailer hitch of the towing vehicle.

A 1300 kg trailer has a permissible total weight of 1300 kg. If the own weight is 300 kg maximum 1000 kg can be loaded and transported.

If the vehicle documents prescribe a maximum towing capacity of 1000 kg, it is crucial to consider the empty weight of the trailer. If the own weight of the trailer is 300 kg, 700 kg of load can be transported.

If the empty weight exceeds the maximum towing capacity, the trailer may not be pulled by the towing vehicle.