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Bundesbester UNSINN-Azubi Robin Mai

The 20-year-old from Burgheim completed his training as a metal technology specialist with us in Holzheim and graduated as the best in the country. He received 96 out of 100 possible points. "I did four internships at different companies. At the Unsinn company, apart from the interesting product, it was above all the people who excited me. I received great support and encouragement during my training," reports the proud graduate. Robin Mai will remain loyal to us in the future and would like to broaden his specialisation. In September of this year, he started another apprenticeship as a construction mechanic.

We have been focusing on training and securing skilled workers in our own company for years. To find suitable applicants, we go to clubs and schools, among other places. "Our trainers and training officers are challenged by our value culture, which we take very seriously in our daily work, to challenge and support each individual trainee according to his or her possibilities. Training doesn't just happen on the side for us, we take the time for each trainee and invest in individual support," says Managing Director Rosa Unsinn. This attitude is also clear in the statements of training manager Juliane Kwoczalla, who closely accompanied Robin Mai alongside trainer Luz Unger: "Robin had his difficulties with mathematics at the beginning. Nevertheless, we wanted to give him the chance to learn a technical profession. With a great deal of commitment, he persevered. The fact that he is now the national best makes us incredibly proud".

Bettina Kräußlich, IHK regional manager in North Swabia, congratulated the successful graduate and the training company during a small ceremony in Holzheim. "Dual training offers the best career prospects," said Kräußlich. "We are therefore pleased with Robin Mai and the many other outstanding apprentices from our region. Their performance underlines the high quality of vocational training that our training companies and the vocational schools guarantee." In total, there were more than 9,000 graduates in Bavarian Swabia this year. Robin Mai is the only top apprentice from North Swabia.


Caption: Robin Mai (centre) is one of the best trainees in Germany. Happy about his success are (from left to right) his trainer Luz Unger, Managing Director Rosa Unsinn, Managing Director Gunnar Bregler, IHK Regional Managing Director Bettina Kräußlich, Human Resources Manager Herbert Aggensteiner and Training Manager Juliane Kwoczalla.

© Ingo Dumreicher/IHK Schwaben