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The new Disposable Plastic Ordinance came into force in summer 2021. Since then, large gastronomers but also smaller clubs and festival hosts have been obliged to rethink their behaviour with regard to disposable tableware, among other things, and to change it if necessary. With the development of the mobile dishwashing trailer, we already relied on the motto "Washing up instead of throwing away" in the 90s and were thus ahead of the times. This year, the innovative trailer celebrates its 30th anniversary and hits the nerve of today's society more than ever. Thanks to its high-quality equipment and stylish design, the modernised mobile dishwashing unit creates optimal conditions for club celebrations, parties and events of all kinds.

Society must rethink and find a sustainable as well as economical alternative to disposable plastic. By using the mobile dishwashing unit the costs for rented crockery as well as the disposal of the accumulated waste of single-use tableware can be reduced. "This way we can save resources and disburden our environment", says managing director Rosa Unsinn about the benefits of the trailer. The mobile dishwasher already includes high-quality crockery, which ultimately makes a better impression than plastic dishes do. With 200 dish sets the dishwasher on wheels is perfectly equipped even for bigger events.

Stable disgn paired with functional and professional equipment
The actual use of a mobile dishwasher however lies in the proper and qucik cleaning of used dishes. Due to the integrated industrial dishwashing unit and the hot water boiler containing 5 litres knives, forks, spoons and plates can be hygienically cleaned within minutes. Power supply cords, wastewater and freshwater pipes with adjustable pressure regulators are all included within the scope of delivery. The customised washing and transport units for the cutlery also simplify the inventory control. "The transport boxes are equipped with a system, with which you immediately see if something is missing. This makes the process a lot easier as you do not have to count. In addition we integrated a water softening unit for the dishwasher to ensure a long durability", emphasises Jürgen Fischer, Technical Project Manager. Further, the mobile dishwasher is equipped with a stylish stainless steel table with two integrated sinks, a gastronomy dish rinser and a drain board. To keep the interior clean, the floor is plastic-coated. Hence it is particularly easy to clean.

The mobile dishwasher can be opened on all sides and the four flaps, which reliably protect from rain and wetness by connecting tarpaulin parts, enable an ideal accessibility. The two foldable tables in the front and the back provide additional work and storage space. The service hatch in the longitudinal partition wall simplifies the cooperation of the dishwashing team on duty. Due to the four-sided opening of the trailer effective and comfortable working conditions are guaranteed. The integrated LED lighting even improves these conditions day and night. For a safe transport of the included boxes for cutlery and crockery a load securing system including lashing straps is integrated. The reinforced automatic support wheel enables simple manoeuvring and the stable crank supports ensure a safe stand during the use - this way the next event will be a big success.