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Cool trailers Type C6
UKT 6C 2513-13-14

Total weight
1.300 kg
Internal dimensions
2.500 × 1.350 × 1.900 mm

Cool trailers Type C6
UKT 6C 3015-26-14

Total weight
2.600 kg
Internal dimensions
3.000 × 1.500 × 1.900 mm

Cool trailers for gastronomy

Especially in summer months many events are held outdoors. The supply of cool beverages and fresh snacks is particularly important for a successful event.

The cool trailer Cool 6 C6 with cooling temperatures as low as +2° C was developed for gastronomers, caterers and event organisers.

Cargo trailers with cooling units

Needless to say that we attach greatest value to the use of environmentally friendly materials and components for our trailers. This is why the cooling unit of the Cool 6 C6 works with CFC-free coolants and brings full power at 1600 Watt. The temperature can be regulated comfortably with an electronic digital thermostat.

Equip your cool cargo trailer according to your requirements

For even better cooling capacity, the standard cooling unit can be replaced by a 2000 Watt device. We offer this model as a single-axle or, if required, two-axle trailer. For a larger interior height, the superstructure can be extended – up to 2100 mm are possible for standard. For optimal load securing additional components can be retrofitted.

Cooling trailers exactly according to your ideas

You could not find the right cooling trailer? You have special requirements that cannot be met by a standard trailer? Talk about your ideas with our experts, we design and construct your individual cooling trailer. Contact us!