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Tipping trailers with the cordless screwdriver

Tilting your trailer can now be done easily and conveniently with the cordless screwdriver. Say goodbye to strenuous pumping by hand and tip the trailer conveniently with the cordless screwdriver. This is made possible by the innovative Pumpless hydraulics from UNSINN.

Discover dumper with PUMPLESS

The most important features of UNSINN PUMPLESS at a glance

  • Fast dumping in less than 2 minutes - depending on the load
  • Convenient alternative to hand pump
  • Immediately ready for use 
  • Pleasant handling - PUMPLESS can be operated comfortably in standing position
  • Operation with any cordless screwdriver with min. 45 Nm torque
  • For all rear and three-way tippers up to a size of 2.76 x 1.50 m
  • PUMPLESS can be retrofitted


With the UNSINN PUMPLESS hydraulic pump and a cordless wrench, your trailer can be conveniently tilted completely or moved to the desired position in less than 2 minutes. High-quality components such as an anodized aluminum block and the compact drive unit are installed. It is corrosion-resistant, dirt- and waterproof and therefore particularly durable.

Tipping with the cordless screwdriver The alternative to the hand pump

The UNSINN hydraulic pump can be driven with all commercially available cordless screwdrivers with min. 45 Nm torque. The application is very simple: Set the cordless screwdriver to the highest speed (max. 2,000 rpm), apply it and tilt the trailer. The matching attachment for your cordless screwdriver is included in the scope of delivery.

Detailbild Pumpless

Pumpless equipment for rear dumpers and three-way dumpers

Which UNSINN trailers have the PUMPLESS hydraulic system? The PUMPLESS hydraulic pump is fitted as standard on all rear dumpers and three-way dumpers up to a size of 2.76 x 1.50 m. It replaces the previous hand pump and thus eliminates the need to pump up the trailer. It replaces the previous hand pump and thus eliminates the need to pump up the trailer by hand.

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Retrofit trailer with PUMPLESS

You've heard how much easier it is to tilt your trailer with a cordless screwdriver, but you already have a trailer? Want to retrofit PUMPLESS hydraulics to your trailer? No problem! Retrofitting with PUMPLESS can easily be done directly via our aftersales or at your local dealer. By providing your chassis number, our experts can give you the best advice on choosing the right retrofit kit.

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Pumpless Nachrüstset

Showdown in UNSINN City

No hassle with UNSINN PUMPLESS! Penny Pumpless and Jack Handpump have an exciting showdown in UNSINN City. Who will tilt the trailer faster completely?

Mr. Pumpless vs. Mr. Pump

Boxfight in UNSINN arena! Mr. Pumpless shows how easy it is to tip a trailer with a cordless screwdriver. Mr. Pump really worked up a sweat.

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