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On a mission to spread peace with the PeaceBell

Singer Michael Patrick Kelly is on a mission to spread peace with his project #PeaceBell. On the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War on 11 November 2018, he presented a bell in the Christuskirche in Mainz. The bell was made from melted down war scrap such as weapons, shells and bullet casings and is intended to promote peace in the world as well as to encourage people to reflect on personal conflicts.

Since its completion, the PeaceBell has been presented at various locations. The bell is also present at every concert by the artist and is regularly struck to observe a minute's silence for peace. For this purpose, UNSINN has designed a custom-made drop-type trailer to enable the best possible transport of the symbolic object. Thus, the UNSINN trailer, loaded with the PeaceBell, accompanies Michael Patrick Kelly and his team on their tour and mission to promote peace in the world.

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